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S  U  P  P  O  R  T

Can't Go This Year?

Please Help... You can still have a profound impact.

There are three significant ways anyone can be involved in the Cross-Eyed Builders trip to Kentucky this year. Beyond the obvious — going — we also covet the prayers and financial support of our friends and colleagues.

Your Financial Gifts Actually Yield a "Double Benefit" 

There are a number of people — teens and adults — who would love to go but who cannot afford the money it would take to participate.


By making a financial gift, you help in not one, but two significant ways: Not only will more people be able to experience the trip, but more families in Kentucky will be blessed by those people's work and service.




First, we'd ask you to consider the most direct route to help make this trip a reality: a straight gift/donation. Simply go to this page, and give online. Consider these ideas: 


A gift of $100 will fund one-sixth of a trip for a participant.

A gift of $300 will fund one-half of a trip for a participant.

A gift of $600 will fully enable someone to go on the trip.

A gift of some multiple of $600 will enable more people to go.

A gift of — and yes, this is a significant request, but not for God — $6000 will allow 10 people to go.


If you are just dying to give at this very moment, you can of course write a check directly to New Life and add "KY Mission Trip" to the memo line. Then you could send it in.


Or donate here >



A silent auction will be held at the nZone to raise funds for the trip. Stay tuned. for more details.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Finally, Please Pray 

Whether or not you opt to go, and whether or not you opt to give financially, perhaps the most significant thing you can do is to actually pray for this trip. Please pray for safety, unity among our team, and that the trip would result in tremendous fruit — both in the lives of our new friends in Kentucky and in the lives of our trip participants. Pray for the leaders, for wisdom in planning, and for God to provide financially.



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